Page for sufferers



It’s often very difficult to admit and accept that you may have an eating disorder, and sometimes, it’s hard to see that something is actually wrong. However, the first step to freedom from an eating disorder is to accept that you are struggling. This is certainly not easy and it took me a long time too, but the sooner you accept there’s a problem, the sooner you can start taking the steps towards recovery.

Geting Help

Once you have begun to accept your eating difficulties, the next step is to seek help. The general advice is to make an appointment with your GP to discuss the problems you are facing, however, if someone tries to dismiss your struggle, my advice would be to seek help from another source.

The eating disorder charity Beat ( ) offers support and guidance and I would advise anyone struggling to access help to speak to a Beat advisor by ringing the helpline:

Adult Helpline: 0808 801 0677

Youthline: 0808 801 0711 


Self soothe box

Making a self soothe box was really therapeutic, and it is also one of my main coping mechanisms at times when I’m stressed or anxious.

Here’s a video of my self soothe box – it might give you some ideas so you can make your very own one!