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“I would definitely want to buy a copy of your book. I feel like it should be in every school, CAMHS outpatients, etc.”

“It is beautiful, positive, easy to read and helpful.”


Through diary entries, advice for sufferers and their support network and poetry, Fight for Freedom, aims to increase awareness of Anorexia Nervosa and help those affected by it.

Now 20 years old, Rose Anne Evans is studying languages at university and is also dedicated to raising awareness of eating disorders and, in particular, Anorexia Nervosa. Only a few years ago, this illness had taken over her life, leaving her unable to go to university or spend time with her friends, but instead, in need of treatment in a specialist eating disorder unit to help her with her fight against Anorexia.

“Unfortunately there are still many people out there who are affected by eating disorders and I really want to provide hope for sufferers and their families, because eating disorders can be very difficult for everyone involved and can often leave you feeling helpless and alone.” Rose Anne xx