Goodbye York (for now), hello…. Vienna!

To those who know me (and those who don’t), this title may come as a bit of a surprise, but to be honest, it did to me too, especially during this time of uncertainty in lockdown!

For the past four years, I have been living in York. It is the place that I call home, and I imagined myself being here for a long time. I have loved discovering the hidden gems of the city, one of which includes St Denys Church which I started attending in week 2 of my first year at university, but I digress. 3 years in York wasn’t enough for me, so I got a job at the uni in Student Life and Wellbeing. As I’m writing this, I’m 2 weeks from the end of my contract and, although I am very sad to leave, it has been a great experience, and one which has taught me so much about work, wellbeing and much more! There have been many challenges and I’m not going to go with the cliched line of these past for years being the ‘best years of my life’, but they have certainly been the 4 years in which I have learnt the most and grown the most as a person!


Over the past few months, I have felt a calling to go further afield and somewhere new, at least for the next year. I thought that I would end up in another city in the UK but in fact, I’m about to move to a whole new country!! In some ways, thinking of moving away from York is difficult. As I said, York is home to me. I have a great support network, wonderful friends, lovely housemates and a job that I love. Giving that up,or at least parts of it, even just for a year, feels quite counter-intuitive! At the same time, the opportunity that is ahead of me is one that can’t be missed, and it just feel right. As you know, I’m a great believer in pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and it’s also a good trust exercise. In all the current uncertainty I am faced with, I must try my best to trust that God will lead the way and provide!

So for the next year, I will be working as an intern in Christ Church in Vienna. It’s certainly a massive change, but I am really excited to experience church ministry! It’s been lovely to join some of the chaplaincy’s zoom services, and to get to know some of its members a little more. I have such a good feeling about this place. Now that’s not to say that there won’t be challenges, but I look forward to sharing both the challenging and the exciting times, and all in-between! I am very aware of the tendency on social media to show the highlights of your life, and to perhaps not always show the challenges. I am therefore going to make a conscious effort to have more of a balance, to be more honest and to show a more realistic picture. That might take a bit of getting used to, so please bear with me, but I will try!

Anyway, I wish you all a week filled with peace and hope, and look forward to writing another post soon!

Onwards and upwards,

Rosie x







One thought on “Goodbye York (for now), hello…. Vienna!

  1. Brenda Beverley says:

    It sounds like a big challenge Rosie, but one I’m sure you’ll live up to. You’ve come so far and achieved so much. It’s my pleasure to class you as a friend. Wishing you much love and happiness in your next life experience. Take care, keep safe and keep in touch.


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