If you visited my website/blog before, you might have seen that things have changed and my previous posts have been taken down. Since I was doing a revamp of the whole website, I thought it’d just be easier to start again, and to reframe a little! So if you’ve been before, welcome back and if you haven’t visited before, then welcome!!


Previously in my life (Miranda quote for those who love a bit of such fun!), I mainly wrote about the importance of mental health awareness as well as sharing my thoughts on the ups and downs of recovery from mental illness. More recently though, I have felt the benefits of moving away from an ‘illness model’, and thinking more about wellness and wellbeing. That’s not so say I only focus on the positives (although lots of people would say I’m an optimist), but rather reflect upon the ups and downs of everyday life in general, not just everyday life in recovery. I’ll be writing another post soon to explain why I find this useful, so keep your eyes peeled!

Wellbeing (like mental health) is something that always exists, and that can change from day to day and hour to hour. Recently, I’ve been asking myself what has a positive impact upon my wellbeing. Normally, it’s the things that I deem to be important parts of my life (my faith, loved ones etc.) or things I am interested in (nature, sport and exercise, baking etc.). So I’m hoping to post more about those things and to also share my thoughts and discoveries about life in general. As a person who likes to think deeply about stuff and analysing pretty much anything and everything, I don’t think I’ll run out of things to write about! Well at least not for a long while anyway!

After having a break from social media and campaigning, now feels like the right time to come back! I’m about to finish my job and start a new adventure, but more to come on that in a future post! (Sorry to leave you on a cliff-hanger, it’s 10pm and past my bedtime!!) I’ll be back soon with more details!

Onwards and upwards,

Rosie x



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